Healthy Eating And Living

We play an essential role within the community through their Outreach Program H.E.A.L (Healthy Eating & Living). This program uses cooperative efforts to improve the quality of life by providing Health Education and Living alternatives. We have different paths and our vision may be different but serving the needs of the community to ultimately save lives is our intersection which makes our partnership one of a kind.

Healthy Eating And Living (H.E.A.L) is a exhibition day dedicated to the health and wellness of the natural community in the urban core through our non profit charity, H.E.A.L.
We have chose to partner with the annual Kansas City Natural Hair & Wellness Expo to maximize our outreach to the public.
Once a year we come together and offer FREE classes, sampling of healthy foods, as well as health assessments of various health concerns that affect the African American culture such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and breast cancer just to name a few.
We want the community to know there are alternatives to to traditional ways of eating and living a healthy lifestyle which is why we are do our best on this day of celebration to spread the information, classes and services that are available throughout the city and how to to started. Here are some of the options you can look for at our event.
✓ Gardening
✓ STD Testing & HIV Testing
✓ CPR Classes
✓ Nutritional Supplements & Vitamins
✓ Midwifery Services
✓ Healthy Cooking Classes
✓ Raw Eating
✓ Massage Therapy & Healing
✓ Aromatherapy
✓ Alternative Transportation Options
✓ Exercising
✓ Zumba and Caribbean Dancing
We hope you will support and join us!

Are you expecting? Set up a consultation to find out about our MOCHA MOMMIES services and packages for:

✓ Holistic Health and Wellness
✓ Photo shoots
✓ Prenatal Care Packages
✓ Natural Products, Alternatives, and Services
✓ And much more

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